Hire an Organizer or See a Dermatologist?

time-481445_1280I bet you’re wondering about that title. Organizers and dermatologists are completely different, right? An organizer helps people bring order and efficiency to their lives. A dermatologist diagnoses and treats diseases of the skin. What in the world do they have in common? Why would I be writing a blog entry comparing organizers to dermatologists?

Let me explain. Frequently when discussing with someone what I can do for their home or business as a professional organizer, they express initial interest. They admit that they need more order in their life, and that it’s not something that comes naturally to them. They might describe certain sections of their home that are particularly troublesome and how much they would love to get it organized. However, when I pursue the idea of working together, the most common response is something like, “I wouldn’t want you to see my house like that.” I reassure them that I understand, I won’t judge them, I most likely have seen much worse, and that it’s what I do every day, but they are still reluctant. It’s very difficult to get beyond that mental and emotional barrier.

On the one hand, I totally understand. As a former full-time homemaker and full-time mother for many years, I remember that right or wrong, much of my self-image was directly related to the state of my home. It’s always difficult to admit that a skill that comes so easily to many could be so elusive to others. You may feel that you should be capable of keeping an orderly home, and when that proves unattainable, you feel like a failure. We are our own worst critics, and we have such high standards for ourselves. But the truth is that everyone struggles with something. We all need help with something. The ability to organize a space and keep it that way isn’t entrusted to all. In addition, there are certainly seasons of life when we simply don’t have the time or the ability to do it. There’s no shame in admitting that and getting help.

I have thought so many times of the proper response to the statement, “I wouldn’t want you to see my house like that.” One day I thought of this parallel. Bear with me, because it’s going to sound a bit strange at first. Imagine that I had a very painful, unsightly rash. I tried a few home remedies to no avail, and I was desperate for relief. My well-meaning friend might say, “You should go see a dermatologist. I know they would be able to diagnose and treat that rash, and you would feel so much better.”

While internally I would admit this was the truth, what if I was unwilling to go because I was embarrassed? I might say something like, “My rash looks terrible. I wouldn’t want the dermatologist to see me that way.” My friend would probably be very frustrated and might point out that in order to treat the rash, the dermatologist has to see it. That’s what dermatologists do. They look at rashes, diagnose them, and treat them every day. My friend would probably try their best to convince me to look past the embarrassment so that I could be healed.

Now do you see the similarity? As an organizer, I specialize in helping people transform their spaces from chaotic to ordered. But I have to see the disorganized space in order to help bring order to it. I help with this very problem every day. It’s what I do best. I work with kindness and compassion, realizing that taking the step to get help is not an easy one. But it is certainly worth it.

If you can relate to this scenario or know someone who can, I would love to help. Peruse my website and see some of the projects I have worked on. Read the testimonials of clients that I have helped. We can talk on the phone first, or meet at a neutral location to talk about your needs. Take that step today. I feel certain that you’ll be glad you did.

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