Success Stories: Colonial Heights Branch of the Sullivan County Public Library

What a rewarding project! It took us most of a full day to pull out everything from in front of and inside this large storage closet, sort it, make decisions about what stays and what goes, and to decide the best way to replace items that stayed. Of course, the librarian made all of the decisions about what needed to be kept, and we worked together to determine best placement. Since so many items were taken for donation, we created a lot of empty space. The resulting space was used primarily for book storage and craft supplies. Before this was accomplished, boxes of books were in almost every available space. Moving these books to sort and catalog them was an inefficient and very labor intensive process. Freeing up the space in that closet relieved clutter in many other areas of the library as well. We were able to achieve the goals of having every book on a shelf instead of in boxes and bins on the floor and of having all of the supplies for children’s programs labeled and easily reachable. It was a fantastic day of work with hugely gratifying results!