Success Story: Michael, A Fisherman


This client needed some help organizing his storage shed. Over time, items had been placed in the shed without any kind of order, and it had become very difficult to find anything or get to the back of the shed. With the warmer weather approaching, he needed to be able to quickly access his kayaks, fishing poles, tackle boxes, and other fishing supplies. He wanted his kayaks to be stored in the shed with the fishing equipment, but the shed would have to be put in better order first. He needed to be able to get all of the lawn care equipment in and out easily. There were also several items that would be sold in an upcoming yard sale, and these items needed to be kept in the shed as well.

We started by taking everything out of the shed, placing items into categories and pulling out any unneeded items as we went. Then we made a plan for how things would be arranged in the shed. Items that were not needed immediately (winter items and garage sale items) were placed on one of the lofts. The kayaks and fishing poles were hung on the wall, freeing up much needed floor space. The rest of the fishing equipment was arranged on a metal shelf on the same wall as the kayaks and poles. Most of the other items were grouped by category and placed either on the metal shelves on the far wall or under the long bench, with a few items placed on top of the bench. The lawnmowers could now be easily brought into and out of the shed for mowing season.


Many thanks to the client, who provided these wonderful Before and After photos. As you can see, he is not only a fisherman, but a very talented photographer.