Rob, A Branch Manager

This client needed help with an office closet that was problematic at best. It is used for storage of special event supplies and cleaning materials. This small space was utilized by many different people, but no one had taken the time to bring order to the items, so it was very difficult to find something when you needed it. I started by pulling everything out, sorting the items by category, and doing some basic cleaning. Because I had premeasured the space, I brought two simple and inexpensive organizing supplies (plastic drawers and a metal rack) so that I could make better use of the space and get items off the floor. I placed items in the drawers by categories and labeled them, installed the rack to hang the mops and brooms, replaced the shelves and loaded them by category, and replaced the remaining large cleaning supplies. The closet is now much more efficient, safe, and orderly, and it is much easier to locate needed supplies.