Success Stories: Sarah, a Business Owner

It was almost time for the annual Friendsgiving holiday, and this client’s pantry was in dire need of organizing. Her family enjoys hosting an annual Thanksgiving celebration with their friends. With a total of 50 adults and children invited, everything needed to be shipshape in order to pull off an event of this magnitude. The walk-in pantry has excellent storage space, and it had been organized in the past, but maintaining the order had proved elusive with the demands of running multiple businesses and caring for three school aged children. Laurie and I worked together to pull everything out of the pantry, check expiration dates, group items into categories, clean off the shelves and the floor, and to replace everything in a logical order. It is now very easy to quickly find what is needed and to to put items back into the correct location. Friendsgiving was a huge success, and the client is ready to enjoy the rest of the holiday season.