Success Stories: Amy, a Seamstress

I was so excited to work with this client again when her daughter gifted her organizing services for Mother’s Day. Amy and her husband had been repurposing rooms in their home, and that meant moving the sewing room to a new location. Since she does a lot of sewing, I wanted to make sure that when we moved everything, it would be set up in a way that maximizes efficiency and makes frequently used supplies easy to access. Before moving everything over, we talked about what was working and what wasn’t working about the old arrangement and about what machines and supplies she uses most often. Then we made a tentative plan for the arrangement of the furniture.

We removed and sorted all of the small loose items that were on top of the furniture and then started moving the furniture over. Both rooms were vacuumed and all of the equipment and furniture was cleaned during the process. We tried several different arrangements before deciding on the final one. We took into account adequate lighting, easy access to supplies, location of electrical outlets, and personal preferences. Containers were labeled, and loose items were placed into the appropriate location. Amy is so excited to use her newly organized sewing room.