Success Stories: Rachel, an Attorney

Nothing can prioritize the need to get organized like putting your house on the market. This client contacted me for some help in making her home show-ready. She and her husband had decided that the timing was right to make a move, and they were anxious to list their home as soon as possible. Decluttering and organizing were high on the list of priorities. But as a working mother with two young children, this was a task she wouldn’t have time to do, nor would she have time to work alongside me in accomplishing it.

Since Laurie and I would be working without the client at the house with us, we had to make sure we understood exactly what she wanted us to do. Although the house was well organized in general, there were a few areas that needed some improvement, including the garage, a few kitchen areas (pantry and under the sink), laundry room, and bathroom cabinets. I got clear guidance on exactly what to accomplish, her preferences for organizing products would need to be purchased, and we got started immediately.

We worked on one room and one space at a time. Each time before we began a new space, the client would declutter (remove any unwanted items) and give us additional instructions as needed. We communicated through text or email while she was at work if we had questions. On days when Laurie and I worked together, we made a plan together and then split the task up so that both of us would stay busy. The overall goal was not only to make the house show-ready but also to establish an organizing system that could be carried over to the new home. When organizing and the other pre-showing tasks were completed, the house was listed. We were all very happy that they received an offer on the house very quickly!

Pantry before and after

Garage before

Garage after

Under kitchen sink before and after

Under master bathroom sink before and after

Under master bathroom sink before and after