Success Stories: Abbie, an artisan

This client had a lot of craft supplies to store, but only a small space to store them in. Since she is skilled at many different types of crafts, she has quite a variety of supplies. She wanted to use some empty photo boxes to store the materials and to use the existing shelves and not have to purchase additional supplies. She needed items used more frequently (like her sewing machines and basic sewing tools) to be easier to access. In view of this, she had bought a rolling cart that she wanted to be able to pull out when working on a project and put back into the closet when finished. Some small wall-mounted shelves that she recently added were very helpful for odds and ends that didn’t need a full box to store. Because she was able to dispose of supplies she no longer needed and had a clear vision of how the space would be used, this project went very quickly! After the photo boxes are labeled and some wall-mounted lights are added, this will be a perfect craft closet!