Success Story: A Local Church

Whether we’re talking about a home or a church, any time a group of people occupies the same building for many years, items will accumulate and disorder will result. This is a very large and active church with a multitude of ministries for members and for the community. Often when volunteers are a significant part of the group, no one feels that they have the authority to rearrange or remove anything. Staff members are usually working with numerous ministries and are often too busy to take the time to organize. Priority is given to meeting people’s needs, as it should be. However, when a space is better organized, both time and money is saved. Recognizing this need, a staff member from this church contacted me to help.

One of the unique aspects of this organizing project is that I worked with both church staff and volunteers. This allowed the work to go faster and saved the client money as a result. The volunteers who participated were very familiar with the day to day operations and were able to give much needed guidance to the project. It was sometimes difficult to arrange schedules around all of the people and the church ministries, but the result was definitely worth the effort. Another challenge was that some areas of the building were used by several different ministry groups, so I had to get feedback from each group in order to make sure the organization would meet the needs of all groups as much as possible.

FBS table room before

Laundry and Storage Room Before

FBS table room after

Laundry and Storage Room After

FBS pantry, before.jpg

Pantry Before

FBS pantry after.jpg

Pantry After

FBS closet before.jpg

Storage Closet Before and After


FBS work room before

Work Room Before

FBS work room after.jpg

Work Room After