Success Story: Allison, a Speech Pathologist

This client, a young professional, felt like most of her home was pretty organized, but there was one area that consistently gave her trouble. The guest room closet was the storage spot for photos, greeting cards, mementos, decor items, and office supplies. Lately, it had become a catch-all area where she would place anything that didn’t have an established location in her home. Allison won a bid at a silent auction for my services and was anxious to get started. Her goal for the closet was for the closet to look neat and to have enough space in the closet for guests to keep their suitcase and a few hanging clothes.

We started by pulling out every item in the closet. Items that belonged to other areas of the home were returned. Everything was sorted into categories. Allison had to make a lot of decisions. Sorting through photos and greeting cards that she had received was the most time-consuming part of the process as each one had to be viewed individually. As she was working on this part, I kept busy sorting other items and labeling boxes and bins. All of our efforts were finally rewarded with a neat and functional space. I look forward to hearing about future out of town guests who can use the newly organizing closet.