Success Story: Elizabeth, a Working Mom

This client and her family had recently moved into their new home. Her busy schedule of work and taking care of children hadn’t left her much free time to organize. Although her pantry was somewhat organized, she knew it needed some more work to make it more efficient and pleasing to the eye. She wanted to have breakfast items, lunch packing items, and snack items grouped together. We needed to also keep in mind which items could be within reach of the younger children and which ones should be stored on the upper shelves. The client was willing to buy additional storage containers if necessary as long as I stayed within her budget. Since I was visiting Nashville the weekend before our organizing session, I had many more options to choose from than I usually do with local stores.

As items were removed from the pantry, expiration dates were checked and items were grouped into the appropriate categories. The most difficult part of the organizing was deciding on the best arrangement of items and the best storage container (if needed) for each item or category. Once the perfect arrangement was obtained, I added labels to a few of the containers for a finishing touch. Since the client had already removed all of the items before I arrived, the project was completed in 3 hours. We were both very pleased with the results.