Success Story: Kay, a Systems Analyst

I met this client several months ago at a trade show, where she expressed an interest in my organizing services. She said she needed help with her garage, but she wasn’t quite ready to set up an appointment. A few months later, I saw Kay again, and since she and her husband had still not had an opportunity to organize their garage on their own, she decided the time was right. Although most areas of her home usually stay pretty well organized, the garage was a space that seemed to collect clutter, and the longer it went on, the more she dreaded the thought of taking care of it.

We started as always by talking about her goals (being able to park both cars in the garage, having only what is necessary in the garage, being able to find things easily). We picked a corner of the garage to start in and sorted through everything systematically. There was a large amount of recycling that needed to be removed, so I made a mid-session drive to the nearby recycling center while she continued to sort through items. As we worked, we talked about how to maintain the newly organized area by establishing a regular schedule of taking recycling and of general clean-up. Some items were taken to another area of the home. Many items were placed on wire shelving that the client had purchased beforehand after I assembled them. I delivered many items to a local donation center after our session.

After going through each item from the first corner to the last, we were able to complete the project together in the 3 hours we had set aside. The client was very happy with the results and planned to use the same techniques in another area of the home that needed to be organized.