Success Story: Marie, a Dance and Fitness Instructor

This client and her husband had moved into this home 4 years ago. In their previous home, Marie had everything organized in a functional way. In the current home, however, she still hadn’t figured out the best way to organize the office, and she was frustrated that the room was still cluttered with items that hadn’t yet found a home. She found that instead of being active in leisure activities, she would often choose to stay home to try to organize the office, and she was ready to finally accomplish that goal and be more active. She liked the idea of having frequently used items in an easy to reach location (like materials needed for classes). As a visual person who liked to be able to see most everything, storing everything inside closed cabinets and doors wasn’t the best solution for her. This preference led her to have multiple notes, pictures, and signs displayed, but there were so many that it had become visual clutter.

We picked a corner of the room and started sorting through everything. We removed anything that belonged to another area of the home, anything that needed to be delivered to someone else (putting those tasks on a project list), or anything that could be donated. Many of the notes, pictures, and signs were either removed or consolidated into a nice typed list, greatly improving the room’s aesthetics. The 3 bags she uses for fitness classes or church were placed in an easy to reach locations. The client was thrilled with the results, and after several days reported that the arrangement was much more pleasing to the eye as well as more functional. She was excited to get more involved in activities outside the home.