Success Story: Suzanne, a Homeschool Mom

I met this client while giving a presentation on toy organization to her church mothers’ group. As a homeschool mother of two young children, Suzanne doesn’t have much time to devote to organizing. Since she is expecting another child soon, she wanted to get a few areas organized before the baby arrives. The laundry room was an easy choice to begin with as it is utilized frequently and would be a fairly quick project to tackle. The goal was for the area to be used for laundry items and as surplus storage of food, paper products, cleaning products, and tools.

The current storage cabinets had not proved to be very functional, so the client had purchased new shelves before my visit. We started by removing everything from the shelves above the washer and dryer and the old storage cabinets and grouping them into categories as we went. Any item that could be donated or that belonged to another area of the home was removed, as well as the old cabinets. We assembled the shelves, swept and dusted, and then started bringing everything back in. As we replaced items, we kept in mind which would be used most frequently and made sure to keep them in an easy to reach location. We also considered safety (ex. not placing heavy items on the top shelf, keeping dangerous chemicals and tools out of reach of children). After we finished, the client installed the pegboard on the wall, hung items on it, and took the after pictures. The room not only looks much better, but it is much more functional now.