Are you a physician or other professional with too little time on your hands? Are you stressed out that between job and family you don’t have the time to organize your home the way you wish? Do you have “presentable” rooms and others filled with clutter that haunt you because you know you’ll never get to around to organizing them? That was me, until Angie stepped in. Not only does Angie have incredible organizing skills, but because of her background in health care she understood my dilemma and could relate. I had been putting off organizing the office and laundry room because the thought of getting started literally overwhelmed me. If it were not for Angie I would still be maneuvering through clutter to do laundry and probably would just be avoiding my husband’s office all together. She also helped me get more organized in the kitchen which has made cooking a much more pleasant experience. Since getting the house in order, arriving home in the evening is not as stressful. This is a great benefit since as physician we already have enough stress in our lives. I recommend Angie Hyche without reservation to any of you that want more order at home and less stress all around.

― Gretchen P.