Amazing!! Angie helps in huge, noticeable, and MAINTAIN-able ways (e.g., a recent playroom and kitchen reorganization), and in ways that seem small but can have a huge impact–for example:

Because Angie helped me organize my (awful) kitchen junk drawer, I knew we had a good sharpie pen, and I knew where to find it quickly.
Because I knew where the sharpie was, I could grab it quickly as I headed out the door with our autograph books to Disney world.
Because we had the big sharpie, the big characters at Disney could grasp the big pen with their big hands and sign the kids’ autograph books.
Because they got signatures of their favorite characters, the kids had a FANTASTIC time at Disney world.
In small and big ways, Angie’s organization skills are helping our home run more smoothly, and she is equipping me with tools that are making our family’s life so much more fun! Thank you!

― Hannah H.