We moved to Kingsport, downsizing to a smaller home to simplify life and be more available to help others. Instead I was overwhelmed with how much stuff we had accumulated in our larger home. Angie came to my rescue. She helped me with unpacking and deciding what to put where and what to keep and what to donate and what to trash. I am enjoying life in Kingsport now, strolling downtown, riding bikes on the Greenbelt. We also spent a week in Belize on a mission trip! I couldn’t have done it without getting things in order and I am so thankful to Angie for her help. I always enjoy running into her and seeing her beautiful smile when I’m out and about. She is a hard worker and always positive. I would recommend her to anyone in need of her services and hope to work with her again soon (I still have a few things to tackle).

Shipshape Solutions

― Jennifer S.