The organizational techniques that Angie Hyche implemented with Kingsport Theatre Guild resulted in improved systems all around. The group experienced drastic improvement in several areas. Angie developed a streamlined office archival arrangement ensuring the seventy year old non-profit continue documenting their contribution to the community. This concise record keeping was hugely beneficial during grant writing season. Angie tackled the overwhelming wardrobe and props rooms when the inventory owned was nearly double what was needed. Scaling this collection in half enabled the organization to forfeit outside contracted storage. Thus freeing up funds to be returned back to the business. The organization’s building site had been hiding thousands of dollars of valuable tools and materials. Angie developed a method in which builders were able to clearly see wood, tools, paint, nails etc. Expensive trips to repurchase items already in possession ended, saving donor dollars very quickly. Angie comes highly recommended. Whether you have one small organization issue or an overwhelming mountain like we did. She is absolutely the most qualified person to get your home, your large organization or your personal self on track.

― Sharon H.