Angie and Laurie gave me the courage to take on my dysfunctional office space. Admitting that I was afraid is a bit of an understatement. I had hoped that they would come in and magically fix things; but alas, I had to do the hard work of making decisions, evaluating how I worked, and pressing … Continue reading Sandy V.

Sandy V.

Angie came to us through our local United Way of Deschutes County in Oregon. We were so honored to have her volunteer at our non-profit. She truly walked into utter chaos and shaped us up! We are working in a very small space with seven employees and 24 children visits throughout the week. The week … Continue reading Kim H.

Kim H.

Angie did an amazing job helping me problem solve with organizing books in my classroom. She went above and beyond by finding the crates to store things in. I would highly recommend Angie for your organizing needs!

Carla C.

Amazing!! Angie helps in huge, noticeable, and MAINTAIN-able ways (e.g., a recent playroom and kitchen reorganization), and in ways that seem small but can have a huge impact–for example: Because Angie helped me organize my (awful) kitchen junk drawer, I knew we had a good sharpie pen, and I knew where to find it quickly. … Continue reading Hannah H.

Hannah H.

Wow!! Masters Touch Salon & Spa got a makeover today thanks to Angie! We rearranged furniture, organized coffee bar & waiting area, decluttered surfaces & more! I can’t wait to see how our guests like the new look! Thanks so much!!

Cristin Y.

Angie is amazing to work with. She is a hard worker, smart, efficient and so helpful. She is excellent at her job. She has been a Godsend to me. I am so thankful that I reached out to contact her.

Amy D.

Angie is positive, really efficient, and generous with her time. We are so thankful for her services!

Haowei T.

I can’t say enough about Angie–she is so amazing! She volunteered her time to the non-profit agency I work for and we spent the time organizing and clearing out “junk” from our supply room/kitchen. It had been ignored for a long time and complicated following consolidating two offices into one. She works so efficiently and … Continue reading Margaret C.

Margaret C.

I loved working with angie! You always worry if someone is going to judge your lack of organizational skills, but she was so kind and I felt comfortable showing her the areas in my house that needed “love”. And she works WITH you to go through your things and guides you through how and what … Continue reading Aubrey T.

Aubrey T.

I purchased a 10 hour organizing block as a housewarming gift for my cousin Angie when she downsized to a smaller residence. The “two Angies” worked together as a team. They accomplished so much in just two sessions! The kitchen/pantry area was priority one so they tackled that first. The results were amazing. And my … Continue reading Sharon W.

Sharon W.

Another great day with Angie! She organized my essential oils cabinet, kitchen and dining room. As always she did a fantastic job and even made it fun! Thank you Angie!!

Amy W.

We moved to Kingsport, downsizing to a smaller home to simplify life and be more available to help others. Instead I was overwhelmed with how much stuff we had accumulated in our larger home. Angie came to my rescue. She helped me with unpacking and deciding what to put where and what to keep and … Continue reading Jennifer S.

Jennifer S.

Angie and her Shipshape services exceeded my expectations in every way. She helped me “declutter” my garage in record time. Instead of just throwing everything away, she connected me with community organizations allowing me to make donations that were greatly appreciated. It was a positive experience and I look forward to utilizing Shipshape services again … Continue reading Cynthia H.

Cynthia H.

Angie is so great to work with and does an amazing job!!  

Jessica T.

At Saint Dominic School, we are very grateful for the impact Shipshape Solutions, through Angie Hyche, had on the beginning of our 2017-18 school year. We had four teachers moving to new classrooms. Angie was able to help each teacher with their own unique needs, creating an organized and functional area which will benefit our … Continue reading Tucker D.

Tucker D.

As a former competitive sailboat racer, being “shipshape” has a very specific meaning:  “You only sail with what you absolutely need; then, everything has its place and is to be found in its place when needed).  Those that win races don’t carry excess weight, or lose time looking for something.  Seconds count.  Being shipshape one … Continue reading Nick G.

Nick G.

Angie is a Godsend!! She entered calmly, non-judgmentally and professionally into my cluttered world. I am awed by her energy and talent to see the end even if I couldn’t. I just didn’t realize how out of control my STUFF was until I saw clean organized spaces. She gently guided me in what to keep, … Continue reading Sally B.

Sally B.

Angie is amazing! I needed to completely organize and declutter my garage which had become the central zone for so much clutter. Trying to organize it myself and rid it of the clutter became overwhelming and daunting…to the point of paralysis. Angie helped me not only work through the clutter but also come up with a solution … Continue reading Mara O.

Mara O.

I recently had to chance to witness first hand working with Angie and Shipshape. She unpacked and organized my father in law who moved here from AZ. When he arrived after traveling 2000 miles his place was “as if he had been living there”. We continue to be amazed at how perfectly located everything is. … Continue reading Pam C.

Pam C.

I HIGHLY recommend Angie for your organizing needs! She is helping me with multiple projects, & I am so pleased with the progress. She is very dependable, professional, & has great ideas that are already working well for me!

Kellie M.

Angie was AWESOME! She explained her organizing process with me before we began. She helped me declutter and reorganize my shed from start to finish. I can now use my shed in a productive way instead of guessing and moving things around. I have even gone out of my way to show it off to … Continue reading Michael K.

Michael K.

When faced with a pile of clutter my instinct is to eat chocolate! Angie to the rescue!! Working together she helped me categorize, declutter, donate, delegate, dispose and most importantly–DEAL with multiple piles without resorting to chocolate even once! With the piles of clutter disbursed, there is a calm here that has been lacking. She … Continue reading Renee S.

Renee S.

Angie Hyche’s Shipshape Solutions took our wrecked prop room at our Theatre and transformed it and now it’s smooth sailing! Seriously, Angie worked tirelessly and strategically to get our local children’s theatre to a place where we could navigate through the prop area, giving each item a logical home. Before she began her work, it … Continue reading Samantha G.

Samantha G.

Are you a physician or other professional with too little time on your hands? Are you stressed out that between job and family you don’t have the time to organize your home the way you wish? Do you have “presentable” rooms and others filled with clutter that haunt you because you know you’ll never get … Continue reading Gretchen P.

Gretchen P.

Whenever I’m on the phone and need to write something down, I can never find a pen!! Over the years I have “collected” so much stuff in my house my husband said we were going to implode from the weight. Then along came Angie. I was totally overwhelmed until she arrived. She said we would … Continue reading Rose S.

Rose S.

Angie made organizing my messy decor and gift closet so fun and easy. I’ve looked at that closet for months wishing I could find the time to make it better and it took her encouragement,  excellent ideas and hands on help to make it finally happen. She provided everything needed so I never had to … Continue reading Debbie P.

Debbie P.

Angie did a great job on a challenging project that began as a single storage closet reorganization but unexpectedly turned into a much larger assignment. The day Angie arrived, I found out I would have to store 34 large bins of books. Even though I felt overwhelmed, Angie was calm and organized and provided valuable … Continue reading Cathy B.

Cathy B.

Angie has a fantastic work ethic.  Having worked closely with her in a professional setting, I have observed her go above and beyond on every project she completed.  Most notable is her attention to detail.  Angie is an outstanding organizer.   She works well with others, but never cares to be a one-woman team, always seeing … Continue reading Jaclyn C.

Jaclyn C.

The organizational techniques that Angie Hyche implemented with Kingsport Theatre Guild resulted in improved systems all around. The group experienced drastic improvement in several areas. Angie developed a streamlined office archival arrangement ensuring the seventy year old non-profit continue documenting their contribution to the community. This concise record keeping was hugely beneficial during grant writing … Continue reading Sharon H.

Sharon H.

Terrific work and wonderful attention to detail! Really knows how to evaluate what might be useful in the future and what is unnecessary clutter. Angie is an efficient and steady worker and always pleasant to be around.

Karen E.